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Piraeus Attractions
Piraeus Attractions

Piraeus Top Attractions

An important city during antiquity, Piraeus abounds with significant archaeological findings and interest montern sights.

A walk in the streets and neighborhoods of Piraeus reveals unexpected pleasures. Profitis Ilias hill is embellished by Veakio open-air theatre, home of important cultural events. From there you can go downhill, walk along Akti Dilaveri, and reach Peace and Friendship Stadium which is surrounded by carefully constructed areas comprising sport and leisure activity facilities. Nearby stands the open-air municipal theatre Menandrio (Delfinario).

The area of Karaiskakis Stadium has been upgraded, but it still keeps the picturesque look of old neighborhoods. A favorite haunt of Piraeus inhabitants is Olympiakos friend’s club. The club is worth a visit in order not only to have a small taste of Piraeus athletic history, but also to experience at first hand the locals’ devotion to their football team. You should also visit the city Archaeological Museum and Maritime Museum.

Special mention should be made of the magnificent building housing the Municipal Theatre, the jewel of Piraeus, which is really impressive with its plain neo-classical lines. Finally, a walk along the waterfront as far as the end of the Piraeus peninsula, with its beautiful natural creeks, is an unforgettable experience.

Piraeus is well-known not only for its fish-taverns, but also for the “vibrant beat” of its night life. Modern clubs and bars without number are installed in the old storehouses and the abandoned factories around the port. At the coastal road between Passalimani and Mikrolimano many juvenile clubs and bars have been installed in renovated neo-classic mansions of Kastella, the most “in” neighborhood of Piraeus. On the East side of Mikrolimano are also located many fashionable clubs and bars that attract young people from all parts of Athens, thus turning the area into a popular amusement place for tourists.

Attractions & Sights

The Zea Marina (Pasalimani)

In this marina some of the most impressive yachts and cruise ships anchor. At the seafront are restaurants, tavernas, bars and shops, catering to the needs of passengers. You will find flying dolphins (hovercrafts) servibg line to Argosaronikos Gulf. In the ancient years it was one of the main harbors for the warships of Themistocles, with docks for 196 triremes. It received its name in the 18th century, when it was used as port of the Ottoman fleet.

Mikrolimano (in Greek small Port)

The Port was protected by the goddess Mounihia Artemis. At present it is a popular locations, attracting people all over Attica. It is beautiful little harbor with fishing boats, small boats and luxury yachts. If you like fish and seafood have lunch or at one of its famous tavernas.


An elegant and popular neighborhood of Piraeus, built on a hill also know as Profitis ilias. Walk to the top of the hill, and admire the alleys with picturesque houses. The view of the main Port, Zea and Mikrolimano is unique. In the area is the open air theatre Veakeio which host important cultural events in summer. At the top of the hill of Kastella is situated the picturesque little church of “Profitis Ilias” (Prophet Elijah) and close beside it the cafe “Bowling Center”. The view from its balcony to the Saronic Gulf is enchanting, especially in the first morning hours when the sun rises behind the ridges of mount Hymettus. But also in the night, with the sparkling lights of Athens and the lit Acropolis, the view from Profitis Ilias is impressive, to say the least.

Piraeus Seaside

Apart from the juvenile clubs and bars that are housed in the renovated neo-classic mansions of fashionable Kastella, at the seaside road between Passalimani and Mikrolimano, one can also find here “Votsalakia” (Little Pebbles), the organized public beach of Piraeus, which offers the opportunity of a swim in the calm waters of the Saronic Gulf.

On the other side, along the road that links the Marina of Zea to the central port, the “gourmets’ heaven” has only one name: Piraiki. Many fish-taverns and ouzo-specialized restaurants are located here, offering a wonderful view to the sea and serving a great variety of fish, tidbits (meze) and ouzo.

The Municipal Theatre

It dominates one of the central squares (Korai Square). It was build in the 1880s in the neoclassical style by architect I.Lazarimos. It is one of the most frequented places, a meeting place of residents of Piraeus.

The I.S.A.P station (metro stop Piraeus)

The stately eclectic building with the relevant European stations of the period. Recently interior was completely renovated. One the walls are displayed the works of the students of the school of Fine Arts. This Metro station is your gateway to Athens

The Piraeus open-air market

Every Sunday morning, the antique shops of Hippodamia square and the streets along the railway lines become flooded by people that come here for the colourful open-air market.

Piraeus Churches

Piraeus has many impressive churches that date from the beginning of the 19th century. Most important among them are the Cathedral of Piraeus and Hagia Triada (St. Trinity). Other important churches are Hagios Nikolaos (St. Nicholas) and Hagios Dionyssios (St. Dionysious) on the East and West side of the port respectively, Hagios Spyridon (St. Spiridon), also at the port, and the Holy Church of Saints Constantine and Helena at the Municipal Theatre square.

Make sure to visit the beautiful city of Piraeus when you go for your holidays to Greece. Families and couples looking for a relaxing getaway will surely enjoy visiting this place. Seeing the amazing cityscape will definitely bring you unparalleled relaxation and calmness. There are plenty of travel destinations that you can check out when you travel here. It would be recommended to bring a camera with you so that you can take pictures of these stunning places.



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