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Piraeus Tours to Athens info and tips

Tour purchased on board the cruise ship

Many major cruise lines offer tours of Athens for sale on board, so in the days before you dock at Piraeus you can browse package deals and simply charge it to your cruise account. This can be one of the least stressful ways to plan a visit to the city, although because you’re buying it on the boat the prices are sometimes marked up and it can be quite expensive.

Benefits of taking this approach include that you know you are in safe hands, because everything is done through the cruise company with which you’re sailing. They’ll take care of transporting you to and from Athens, typically via a bus or shuttle van that is higher quality than regular buses, including air conditioning, comfier seats, and sometimes electrical outlets.

Downsides of taking this approach are the aforementioned higher cost, and also the fact that you don’t have much freedom to explore on your own. You will likely to be required to generally stay with the other cruise ship travelers who have purchased the same excursion. And the tours try to cram a lot into the short time you have in Athens, so you might not get to linger in any one spot, which can be disappointing if you want a more leisurely sightseeing tour.

Private tour purchased online before your cruise

Yet another option is to spend some time on the internet before your cruise looking up tour operators who specialize in sightseeing trips to Athens from the Piraeus port. Much like booking a tour on board the cruise ship, these tours offer the benefit of having someone else do all the planning and guaranteeing comfortable rides to and from Athens.

However, some of the tours are actually drive-by sightseeing visits, meaning you never get to leave the bus. That can be a major disappointment if your goal is to walk around the historical sites in Athens rather than simply see them through a bus or shuttle van window. Be sure to read the details of the private tours carefully before you purchase.

If you are a boarding a cruise ship at Piraeus you will have limited time to visit the innumerable sights available in Athens.

To overcome this inconvenience you’ll need to decide what you want to see most during your visit to Athens and if you can accomplish it on your own cheaper than a package tour organized by the cruise ship line.

Usually the tours offered are overpriced in comparison with local Greek Travel Agents.

To find an economical alternative contact your own travel agent or select a service we recommend below.

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