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Top Restaurants In Piraeus Port City

Piraeus, a port city in Greece near Athens, is quickly climbing the list of top places in the country to visit because of its ideal mix of ancient religious and historic attractions along with all the top class amenities tourists expect from a bustling modern city that’s home to more than 163,000 people. Visitors come from around the world to marvel at the story of Piraeus, which dates back to ancient Greece. You might travel by air, but some people arrive by boat through the port, which is the biggest European passenger port and the world’s second largest.

Because Piraeus is a city by the water, and still an active port, it is home to some of the most amazing seafood in Greece. The city houses a massive fish auction, as well as a fish market. In addition, once in Piraeus you’ll find restaurants of all sizes, styles and budgets serving up freshly caught fish in more ways than you might have thought possible. At some places you could be eating fish that was captured just hours ago. It’s hard to find a bad fish restaurant in Piraeus, but below are some of the best places to check out when in the city.


Panorama restaurant

The building that now houses Panorama was constructed sometime in the 1930s and was first operated as a small café for the residents who live in its picturesque neighborhood of Kastella. Panorama took over the spot in 1957, with owner Parskevas Manioudaki turning it into a full restaurant offering food and drink for locals and visitors alike. Over the years the restaurant has had some refurbishments but it still retains its years-old charm and is a very popular place to eat. Plus, it’s still in family as ownership passed down to Paraskevas’ son Nikolaos in 1965 and later to Nikolaos’ sun Paraskevas.

One of the biggest draws to this restaurant is its sweeping terrace that hangs over the bay of Mikrolimano. This beautiful feature has led to the restaurant being used as a location in some movies, such as the 1971 production “The Burglars” that featured international movie star Omar Sharif. If you’re dining here expect to eat large portions of fresh fish, including red mullet and grouper. Specialties include bouillabaisse and other dishes, and it’s hard to find something on the menu that isn’t worth trying.

Address: 20, Irakliou 18, Pireas 185 33, Greece
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 11:45PM
Phone: +30 21 0417 3475


Frequently rated by tourists as perhaps the best fish restaurant in Piraeus, diners here will have a lovely time sitting by the waterfront eating just-caught fish and enjoying the scenery. Although these days it’s a very popular dining establishment, the Papaioannou restaurant started life in humble beginnings in a small alley. It soon gained a great reputation and needed to expand to keep up with demand, relocating in recent years to its current property by the sea.

The head chef Yiorgos Papaioannou is considered one of the best in Athens and that’s because his kitchen routinely turns out top quality dishes including grilled prawn, spinach and crayfish, and other simple pairings of fish with one or two other items. Rather than convoluted haute cuisine, come here for straightforward plates that will leave you full and content. Each meal ends with a free portion of fried dough known as loukoumades and a glass of Greek liqueur called mastiha.

Address: 42 Akti Koumoundourou, Mikrolimano, Piraeus
Telephone number: +30 210 422 5059


If you’re looking to get great seafood, why not dine at a restaurant owned by someone who used to make their living as a captain on the oceans? Translating as “ocean liner,” Yperokeanio is the property of Andreas Kantsos who once sailed the seas for a living. Once you’re inside, model boats, maps and flags help to add to the ocean liner concept in a fun way.

These days, Andreas is no longer at sea and instead runs this simple but great restaurant that is a perfect choice for those looking for something that won’t hurt their wallets. You’ll get huge portions of well-made food for very reasonable prices, including some specialties like a dip of fish roe and a lemon juice-marinated sea bass. One unique attraction on offer on the menu here is the ladenia. The best way to describe this is to compare it to a pizza; if you order it you will be a pie with tomatoes and onions on top; a recipe that comes from the captain’s mother.

Address: 48 Marias Hatzikyriakou, Piraeus
Telephone number: +30 210 418 0030

Varoulko Seaside

It can be hard to find a great vegetarian restaurant in Piraeus given the abundance of fish and the fact that many people come to the city eager to eat seafood. But Varoulko Seaside is one of those rare destinations that offer the best of both worlds; you can find fantastic and unique fish dishes alongside an expansive vegan and vegetarian menu. This is the perfect place to come if either you, or anyone on the trip with you, doesn’t eat fish but still wants to have a great meal.

Lefteris Lazarou is the owner, he’s considered to be a celebrity chef and you might spy him at the restaurant depending on when you visit. In 1987 he opened the first iteration of his restaurant, simply called Varoulko, then moved it to Athens’ center for several years, and then relocated to Piraeus with the opening of Varoulko Seaside. In addition to the aforementioned vegetable offerings, you’ll also find irresistible fish items on the menu that include smoked eel served with truffle oil, potato mousse and a poached egg, and a crab and cuttlefish ink soup. Ask for the daily specials which are based around whatever that day’s catch might be.

Address: 54 Akti Koumoundourou, Mikrolimano Piraeus
Telephone number: +30 210 522 8400


Here’s a great restaurant to dine at to feel like a local, with this small but welcoming place offering a laidback and intimate setting for your meal. Ilias is popular with residents because it’s a taverna that serves up reliably wonderful fish courses at affordable prices. The owner Ilias that the restaurant is named after died quite a few years ago but it’s still family-owned to this day.

The dedicated team that run the restaurant in memory of Ilias keep to consistently high standards, whether it’s fish or other dishes. Try sampling some of their specialties, including a shrimp saganaki in which amazingly fresh shrimp are cooked with hefty feta cheese chunks and a vibrant tomato sauce. Other signature fish dishes include the sea urchin and steamed mussels. Ilias is also notable for serving up a great dessert menu, so be sure to sample some of the highlights for this course that include an orange cake made at the restaurant.

Address: 104 Hatzikyriakou Avenue, Piraeus
Telephone number: +30 210 451 1261


This is a gorgeous restaurant, painted mostly in vibrant white and whose front features tables that look out on the bright blue water nearby in the Saronic Bay. It’s best to come here when the sun is shining and it’s around midday, as you’ll get the most beautiful Instagram-perfect pictures inside and outside the restaurant while enjoying some of the best fish in Piraeus.

Service can be a little laid back so don’t plan on a quick meal here, but that’s all part of the enjoyment. Take your time to savor well-done food that includes tomato fritters, shrimp in pastry, and sardines that have had their bones removed and are then filled with garden-fresh ingredients such as parsley, garlic and onions before being grilled. Yet another attraction on the menu here is the pikilia, which is essentially a seafood platter that allows you to try a little bit of everything large or small. And for a truly local taste, wash the food down with sips of ouzo.

Address: 56 Akti Themistokleous, Piraeus
Telephone number: +30 210 452 3382


Considered by many to be a well-kept secret by locals, Margaro sits in an assuming white building next to the entrance to the Naval Academy located in Hatzikiriakio. Opened in 1944 by the eponymous Margaro, this place quickly became a beloved dining spot for residents and has blossomed in the ensuring years to also attracts tourists in the know. Be one of those with the inside knowledge and come here to enjoy simple and inexpensive food on a pared-back menu crafted by Margaro’s son Lazaros, who has been in charge of the restaurant since 1960.

Lazaros keeps the menu tight at just five items per day, based off whatever is freshly caught. You might find plates of crayfish, red mullet, snapper or many other types of fish. The one main thing to know about eating here is that all of the food is fried in a pan and never cooked on a grill. That’s because Margaro perfected a batter to coat the various types of seafood that is practically perfect; crisp, not greasy, and retaining the fish’s fresh flavor. And because it’s located next to the Naval Academy, you can enjoy a view of the waterfront while you eat.

Address: 126 Hatzikyriakou Avenue, Piraeus
Telephone number: +30 210 451 4226


Located fairly close to Ilias restaurant is Yiannis, which has been in business for more than three decades and still attracts a loyal crowd mixed of locals and tourists. While this yet another in a long list of great Piraeus fish restaurants, this venue does have what some might consider a slight drawback in that it does not have the same kind of seafront view that the other restaurants on this list offer.

However, you shouldn’t let the lack of view deter you from visiting Yiannis, which over its 30-plus years of existence has developed a menu that offers a wide range of simple yet sumptuous dishes. Among the dishes best loved by the restaurant’s regulars are mussels that are cooked with generous amounts of feta cheese and fresh tomatoes, octopus grilled to perfection, and pan-fried shrimp with a sweet taste that is truly unique.

Address: 107 Chatzikyriakou Avenue, Piraeus
Telephone number: +30 210 418 0160


Opened more than eight decades ago by Rallia and Giorgos Dourabeis, this restaurant that uses their surname offers fine dining level food served in casual surroundings. When the Dourabeis family first launched their restaurant it was as a small beachfront venue catering to a handful of tourists. These days it’s still owned by the family but has grown in popularity to the point where it’s considered a must-visit place for locals and visitors.

The menu reflects fish dishes inspired by the Greek islands, and services begins with a fish soup on the house. After that it’s up to you to choose from the wide range of regular menu items and specials, whether it’s the crawfish that has been grilled with expertise and served along with cherry tomatoes, or a novel dish that takes crawfish eggs and serves them up marinated in a style similar to sushi. This restaurant also has a wine list that shows off some of the best wines Greece has to offer.

Address: 29 Akti Dilaveri, Piraeus
Telephone number: +30 210 412 2092


Some locals claim that this restaurant has the freshest seafood in all of Piraeus, and after enjoying a meal here it’s highly probable that you might agree with them. Located on the outskirts of Piraeus in the area known as Keratsini, Taxidevontas is owned by Yannis Zois and Kostas Zafiropoulos, who are both fishermen. As a result they know exactly what fishes they’re catching and the best way to serve them up as delicious dishes.

Enjoy a bottle of ouzo, the anise-flavored drink that’s popular throughout Greece, before sampling the diverse and exciting menu. Top items to choose from include grilled octopus, calamari fried to perfection, mussels steamed just right, and more. As an added benefit of dining here, you get a single serving of dessert wine complimentary at the end of the meal. Be sure to also check out the dessert menu with items like cheesecakes made with as much care and attention as the fish dishes.

Address: 72 Platonos, Keratsini, Piraeus
Telephone number: +30 210 432 4368


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