Busiest Ports

Busiest Containers Ports

1ShanghaiChinaEast AsiaYangtze Delta
2SingaporeSingaporeSoutheast AsiaSingapore Strait
3ShenzhenChinaEast AsiaPearl River Delta
4Ningbo-ZhoushanChinaEast AsiaYangtze Delta
5GuangzhouChinaEast AsiaPearl River Delta
6BusanSouth KoreaEast AsiaKorean Strait
7Hong KongHong Kong / ChinaEast AsiaPearl River Delta
8QingdaoChinaEast AsiaYellow Sea
9TianjinChinaEast AsiaYellow Sea
10DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesWest AsiaArab Peninsula
11RotterdamNetherlandsEuropeNorth Sea
12Port KlangMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaMalacca Strait
13AntwerpBelgiumEuropeNorth Sea
14XiamenChinaEast AsiaTaiwan Strait
15KaohsiungTaiwanEast AsiaTaiwan Strait
16DalianChinaEast AsiaYellow Sea
17Los AngelesUnited StatesNorth AmericaWest Coast
18Tanjung PelepasMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaMalacca Strait
19HamburgGermanyEuropeElbe River
20Long BeachUnited StatesNorth AmericaWest Coast
21Laem ChabangThailandSoutheast AsiaGulf of Thailand
22Tanjung PriokIndonesiaSoutheast AsiaJava Sea
23New YorkUnited StatesNorth AmericaEast Coast
24ColomboSri LankaSouth AsiaSri Lanka
25YingkouChinaEast AsiaLiaodong Bay
26SaigonVietnamSoutheast AsiaEast Vietnam Sea
27BremerhavenGermanyEuropeNorth Sea
28ValenciaSpainEuropeWestern Mediterranean
29ManilaPhilippinesSoutheast AsiaManila Bay
30TaicangChinaEast AsiaYangtze Delta
31MumbaiIndiaSouth AsiaArabian Sea
32PiraeusGreeceEuropeEastern Mediterranean
33AlgecirasSpainEuropeWestern Mediterranean
34LianyungangChinaEast AsiaYellow Sea
35TokyoJapanEast AsiaTokyo Bay
36MundraIndiaSouth AsiaGulf of Kutch
37SavannahUnited StatesNorth AmericaEast Coast
38JeddahSaudi ArabiaWest AsiaRed Sea
39Santos BrazilSouth AmericaSouth Atlantic Ocean
40Port of Gioia TauroItalyEuropeMediterranean Sea
41RizhaoChinaEast AsiaYellow Sea
42ColónPanamaCentral AmericaCaribbean coast
43Tanjung PerakIndonesiaSoutheast AsiaMadura Strait
44FelixstoweUnited KingdomEuropeNorth Sea
45Seattle/TacomaUnited StatesNorth AmericaWest Coast
46DongguanChinaEast AsiaPearl River Delta
47Tanger-MedMoroccoAfricaNorth Africa
48BarcelonaSpainEuropeWestern Mediterranean
49VancouverCanadaNorth AmericaWest Coast
50SalalahOmanWest AsiaArabian Sea
51FuzhouChinaEast AsiaFujian

Busiest Cruise Ports

RankPortCountry2016 / 2017Date
1Port of Miami4,980,490
2Port Canaveral4,248,296
3Port Everglades3,826,415
4Port of Cozumel3,636,649
5Port of Nassau3,521,178
6Port of Shanghai2,847,000
7Port of Barcelona2,712,247
8Ports of Out Islands2,549,803
9Port of Civitavecchia2,204,336
10Port of The Balearic Islands[dubious – discuss]2,110,663
11Port of Galveston1,730,289
12Port of George Town1,711,853
13Ports of St. Thomas/St. John1,694,008
14Port of Philipsburg1,668,863
15Ports of Jamaica1,655,565
16Port of New York and New Jersey1,537,695
17Port of Southampton1,529,000 (2013)
18Port of Marseille1,487,313
19Port of Venice1,427,812
20Port of Singapore1,379,753
21Port of San Juan1,379,367
22Port of Jeju1,200,000
23Port of Keelung1,064,174
24Port of Piraeus1,055,559
25Port of New Orleans1,048,112
26Port of Roatan1,037,647
27Penang, Swettenham Pier1,020,000
28Port of Juneau1,004,774
29Port of Tampa1,000,000
30Port of Costa Maya1,000,000
31Port of Seattle983,539
32Port of Tenerife964,337
33Port of Basseterre951,021
34Port of Hakata, Fukuoka950,000(2017)
35Port of Ketchikan947,972
36Port of Naples927,458
37Port of Genoa925,118
38Port of Hong Kong903,084 (2017)
39Port of Grand Turk Island901,300
40Port of Naha888,300(2017)
41Port of Savona854,443
42Port of Copenhagen840,000(2013)
43Port of Barbados818,752
44Port of Vancouver895,000 (2018)
45Port of Valletta778,596
46Port of Rostock-Warnemünde766,000 (2016)
47Port of Dubrovnik748,918
48Port of Corfu679,681
49Port of Mahahual673,661
50Port of Ensenada650,225
51Port of Dubai625,000 (2017)
52Port of Bergen599,964 (2018)
53Port of Kiel598,672 (2018)
54Port of Los Angeles578,668
55Port of Victoria709,042 (2019)
56Port of Tunis560,000
57Port of Hamburg552,459 (2013)
58Port of Kotor541,017
59Port of Madeira540,593
60Port of Saint Petersburg523,525 (2013)
61Port of Lisbon521,042
62Port of Tallinn519,319 (2013)
63Port of Malaga510,607
64Port of Tianjin500,000 (2016)
65Port of Palm Beach480,000
66Port of Helsinki478,000
67Port of Palermo459,229
68Port of La Spezia454,954
69Port of Cagliari424,305
70Port of Valencia411,317
71Port of Gibraltar404,995
72Port of Bari397,558
73Port of Messina390,196
74Port of Boston388,222 (2017)
75Port of Quebec387,678 (2017)
76Cabo San Lucas383,381
77Port of Nouméa351,400
78Port of Progreso347,345
79Port of Puerto Vallarta337,031
80Port of Ajaccio302,700
81Port of Qingdao300,000
82Port of Halifax300,000 (2018)
83Port of Oslo298,000
84Port of Villefranche-sur-Mer296,100
85Port of Amsterdam270,000 (2013)
86Port of Toulon – Var Provence239,023
87Port of Cartagena236,412
88Port of Split232,244
89Port of Mazatlan212,518
90Port of Saint John, New Brunswick208,818 (2017)
91Port of Casablanca198,140 (2013)
92Port of Heraklion181,693
93Port of Portland, Maine172,184 (2018)
94Port of Jacksonville170,000 (2017)
95Port of Monaco168,017
96Port of Liverpool122,964

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